Introduction: Kne'x Cornershot

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Surprise I'm back!

In my vacation I decided to dig up my Kne'x because an idea had been swimming in my head fo the past year or more and I simply didn't have time to ty it out. I've seen one other cornershot on this site and I didn't really like the fact that the bend had a giant gaping hole in it. So I decided to make one myself. What this gun basically is is a Lt. Licoice on some hinges (I know that.) :)

The gun has some stability issues when bent, but it functions and shoots even when bend both ways. The stock is very simple and easily removed as I was aiming for an indoor gun. Tell me what you guys think!

I will post this when I have time, probably somewhere around next weekend


expect some delay in posting this. when I finally had taken all pictures and loaded them on my laptop, it decided to fry the harddrive. So I have to take all pictures again.