Introduction: K'nex DSR-1

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Hi there. 
I recently saw a k'nex replica of the DSR-50 sniper rifle. I really like how the real version looks, the replica not so much (no offence to the maker of it). So Yesterday I decided to make one myself, which I finished today.
Some info about the real gun:
- Bolt action, bullpup sniper rifle
- Chambered in 7.62x51 mm NATO, .338 Lapua Magnum
- 990 mm long
- Fully adjustable stock end and cheek rest
- Adjustable foregrip
- Bipod that folds over the top of the barrel

About my version:
- Replica of the 7.62x51 mm version
- Fixed stock and foregrip
- Fake bolt action
- Removable magazines
- No bipod (instead, I made the thing where normally the bipod attaches to the front iron sight)
- Accepts scope and iron sights
- Movable trigger
- Doesn't shoot
- Looks pretty decent IMO, and is full size

I hope you like this gun, and please tell me what you think


The mag release in the back isn't good, I need to replace that one