Introduction: K'nex EXPLODING Slingshot Round (Grenade No. 7)

This a cheap grenade with a big bang, made of cheap pieces and many many fragments. This bullet can be mass-produced and fully-primed ahead of time. They're compact, accurate, and work great on almost all slingshot-type weapons.

Step 1: Pin + Plates

These are the shrapnel for this device. They're all green pieces because nobody likes them anyway so why not make a grenade out of them? >:D

Step 2: Support Rods

These will help keep the round intact mid-flight. Everything will still detonate on impact once the central pin is removed. Don't actually click them in all the way or this won't work. Just firmly seat them in place.

Step 3: Arming

Take the pin out and save the end pieces. You can throw the red rod away, it isn't needed for anything.
Put 2 rubber bands around it, so it stays together mid-flight and also stays together while on the gun. The pieces scatter quite a bit on impact. This grenade has great range, both because of scatter and two- it's on a FREAKIN' SLINGSHOT :O

Step 4: Loading / Firing

Put the ammo on your slingshot as shown. It should stay put and not fall off the gun.
This ammo will work on any gun or slingshot with rails; you don't have to have my exact gun or anything. (I will probably make an instructable in the far future once I've perfected my slingshot btw, keep an eye out)

Step 5: [VIDEO???!??!???]

I had really good take of me shooting this ammo in my basement but I can't figure out how to upload it :(((
It looks so badass when you shoot it 'cause it spins around & around and goes super far