Introduction: Knex Gatling Gun

This is a 16 barrel gatling gun made out of knex and elastic bands.

- Shoots small knex rods, white or green/black
- Shoots 16 rods in about 2 seconds
- It can also shoot 32 rods if you put 2 small green/black rods in each barrel
- Takes a while to load (like 2-3 mins.. havent timed it)

Required Materials:
- Quite a few knex pieces.. (havent counted yet)
- 16 rubber bands
- Knex motor (optional)

Step 1: Build 8 Barrel Pieces

Look at the picture. (Connection1 will be used to attach this to a another piece we will make later)

Next Build the base
*** I made a mistake in the picture. For my gatling gun the vertical rods on the back of the base are blue rods, not yellow rods as shown in the picture. This makes the gun slighty tilted upwards so it shoots at a better angle.
(The site is not letting me add more steps for some reason, thats why i added this here)