Introduction: Knex Gun: Concept V

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Hola, Knextremist here. This is a knex gun of mine. It is a TRUE semi-auto slingshot concept I made. It works well  but I hope you guys can improve on it. Stats anyone?

Truly semi-automatic
5 layers thick
Slingshot mech
Fires orange connector, green rod, gray connector
Can hold an extra mag in the stock
Fires 150+ feet
Crude sight
Looks cool
Comfortable handle
No cut rods REQUIRED

Sadly, sometimes the trigger breaks (use hot glue)
Uses quite a bit of pieces
Cut white rods are RECCOMENDED. (They are labeled)

The gun is not a new concept on its' own. However, the trigger mech along with a ratchet, is the new concept.

Let's get crackalackin'

Step 1: Outer Panels

So here we have the two outer panels of the gun. Not hard to do. Have at it!

1. Build the panel.
2. Close-up
3. Close-up
4. Close-up
5. Here is the other panel
6. Close-up
7. Close-up
8. Close-up

Moving on! 

Step 2: Inards in the Front Barrel

Here are some odd bits that go in the front barrel. I took the barrel off. Do the same! Have at it!

1. Build
2. Build/gather
3. Build
4. Connect
5. Build
6. Connect
7. Attach like so.
8. A view from the other side.
9. Attach like so.
10. A view from the other side.
11. Bend that piece down like so. This is what holds the bands.
12. Attach from picture 2.
13. Attach from picture 1.

Move along.

Step 3: Trigger Assembly and Guts

Here is the trigger assembly along with some guts. This is the main assembly of the gun. It's not hard but you need some hot glue. I took off the stock.

1. Build
2. Build
3. Build
4. Attach
5. Add it onto the main panel.
6. Another view
7. Add this from picture one.
8. Build
9. Add
10. Make
11. Build
12. Build
13. Build
14. Attach
15. Add
16. Add
17. Add
18. Add
19. Build
20. Add
21. Build
22. Connect
23. Put it on the main assembly.

Move along!

Step 4: Handle

Here is none other than the handle of the gun. This a lot like that of the double tr18 instructions I made.

1. Build these
2. Get these for comfort.
3. Build these
4. Attach the pieces from picture 1.
5. Attach the pieces from picture 3.
6. Add the wheels. I am left handed. If you are right handed, put them on the other side.
7. Put the two chunks together.
8. Attach it to the body.

Onward and forward!

Step 5:

This is the stock. I detached the stock to make this step easier. Do it as well!

1. Build these
2. Attach
3. Build these
4. Attach
5. Add to the stock.
6. Add to the stock.

What's next?

Step 6: Put It All Together

Heres where you are going to put it all together.

1. All of the parts.
2. Attach the barrel to the main body.
3. Attach the stock to the main body.
4. What should be left.
5. Add the panel like so.
6. Another view
7. Another view

Now just build the mags and add the bands.

Step 7: Mags and Bands

Here you are going to make the mags and add the bands.

1. Build
2. Build
3. Build
4. Build
5. Attach
6. Attach
7. Gather
8. Attach
9. Attach
10. Attach this orange piece.
11. Same
12. Same
13. Gather
14. Attach
15. Slide that rod through the orange connector.
16. Attach the yellow connector.
17. Gather
18. Insert
19. Tape
20. Tape *note the size and placement here*
21. Get a rubber band.
22. Put it on like so.
23. Make two.
24. Get these rubber bands.
25. Put the small band on the trigger after removing that Y-connector.
26. Wrap the rubber band around the gun like so.
27. Another view
28. Connect the Y-connector.
29. Take this piece off of the front.
30. Add the big bands.
31. Reattach the piece.
32. Pull back the bands one by one, keeping them under the blue rods, and putting them on the ratchet. The easiest way to do this is to slide the three blue rods to the left, out of the way, and then pull back the bands. As you add more bands, rotate the ratchet backwards. The bands will proceed to go into the gun. Now push the blue rods back to the right and load your mag (next picture).
33. Load your mag by putting the bullets in the top and pushing down. When putting a full mag into the gun, you have to hold the yellow rod down, like I am in the picture, or else all of the bullets will fly out of the top.
34. Insert the mag. The bullets should be held in place by the blue rods and the side panels.
35. Insert a spare mag into the stock.
36. Grab these!
37. Attach them here or the gun won't work!
38. You are done!

Good job!

Step 8: You're Done

If you manage to get here, I applaud you!
For you, my friend, are done.
If you post your own picture of it, I willl put it here!