Introduction: Knex Heart (or Overgrown ‘V’)

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This K’nex heart is small, but still looks good. You can hang it up, use it as a placemat, and more! You can add a yellow rod so it is stable, but in my opinion it kind of makes it look bad.

In any way you may look at it, a heart or an overgrown ‘V’, I hope you have fun building it!

I would really appreciate your vote for me in the Heart Contest.

Step 1: Parts List

To build this, you will need:


-Three red(three slotted)

-One white(eight slotted)


-Two blue

-Two green Flexi

-*OPTIONAL* One yellow

Step 2: Build It

Just follow the pictures, it is really simple.

Step 3: Finished!

Congratulations on finishing your K’nex heart!

Step 4: *OPTIONAL* More Support

If you would like to add support to your heart, so that it does not bend out of shape, you can add a yellow rod as seen in the picture.

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