Introduction: Kne'x [ Leupold Mark IV Barrett Optical Ranging System Scope ]

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This is a kne'x version of the Leupold Mark IV scope with a Barret Optical Ranging System or BORS for short.

It's a long range sniper scope with a working zoom.


Weight: N/A

Height Above Centerline of Scope: 7.50 cm

Width: 4.70 cm

Display: N/A

Operating Temperatures: 0° c thru 70° c

Operating Altitude: -300 thru 6,100 m

Tilt Range: 0°

Battery: N/A

Step 1: Inspiration Source & Background Information


The Barrett Optical Ranging System (BORS) is an integrated ballistics computer that mounts directly on the riflescope and couples to the elevation knob.

Designed primarily to withstand military operations, BORS is rugged and able to operate with a variety of scopes, calibers and rifles.

''BORS Instantly takes care of the data work so the shooter can focus on the task of putting lead on target."

After determining the range to target, simply turn the elevation knob until the BORS screen matches your target's distance. Internal sensors automatically calculate the ballistic solution. BORS compensates for temperature and barometric pressure, calculates angle cosine and displays rifle cant.


Weight: 370 g

Height Above Centerline of Scope: 6.32 cm

Width: 8.26 cm

Display: 2 lines, 12 character LCD

Operating Temperatures: 0° c thru 70° c

Operating Altitude: -300 thru 6,100 m Tilt Range: -90° thru 90° (2-degree resolution)

Battery: CR-123Life: 30 hour minimum (with 1,500 mAh battery)

All information obtained from: Barrett Firearms

Step 2: Leupold Mark IV Scope

My Leupold Mark IV Scope is actually a modified version of TigerNod's Leupold Mark IV Telescopic Sight, which is in my opinion, one of the best Kne'x sniper scopes around (if not the best).

Since one of my goals with this scope was to intergrate a actual binocular scope I had to make some mayor adjustments to it.

* If I am going to post a tutorial for the scope and I will most likely use TigerNod's original Leupold Scope with the mounting modification for the BORS unit.

Step 3: BORS

I incorporated multiple broken pieces into the BORS and all these broken pieces are for aesthetic reasons. This Scope Module can be build Without any broken pieces. (At least I'm pretty sure it can....)

Step 4: Safety and You

To obtain the broken pieces I used a pair of boltcutters and a dremel powertool.

If you choose to create broken parts for kne'x, do so at your own risk and always take proper safety measures .

(Goggles, Gloves, Breathing mask for possible fine dust.)

Safety is not a option, it's a must.

*I am not responsible for any harm that may occur in the process of modifying kne'x parts