K’nex Lock Stand

Introduction: K’nex Lock Stand

About: I like building and designing

I made this because why not

Step 1: The Main Part List

44 green rods

36 green connectors

8 red connectors

4 yellow connectors

8 blue rods

1 deadbolt lock

Step 2: Make the Main Body

first make one outer frame then stack the rest of it on top

Step 3: Add the Lock

Any standard deadbolt lock should fit, just screw it in as you would normally

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1 year ago

Looks cool!

K’nex master
K’nex master

2 years ago

Hello people of the world I have designed this for those who display locks I have a smaller design but it does not hold the lock in place but I might post it for those who want to just display the cylinder of the lock