Knex Lowering Ball Arm Element

Introduction: Knex Lowering Ball Arm Element

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Step 1: Pieces

Here are the pieces you will need
Wheel: 1
Tire: 1
Blue: 33
Green: 17
White: 9
Yellow: 20
Red: 11
Gray: 3
White: 2
Red: 12
Green: 3
Light gray: 2
Dark gray: 7
Purple: 17
Blue: 5
Yellow: 15
Blue splicers: 14
Gray splicers: 23
Tan connectors: 9
Regular gear: 5

Step 2: The Gears and Lower Arm

This is definitely the hardest step of them all. If anyone needs more pictures, please tell me.

Step 3: The Frame

The easiest step of them all

Step 4: Attaching

This is another easy step. You will need two dark grey connectors

Step 5: The Lowering Arm and Weight

This is the step where the element works most

Step 6: Attaching

Yeah.... That's it

Step 7: The Frame

This holds the arm so it lowers in a certain way

Step 8: Attaching

Simple as that, make sure the red rods go through though

Step 9: The Parh

What lets the ball go on the arm

Step 10: Finsished

Finished!!!!!! Make sure to check out DISCOMBOBULATION, the winner of the knexpert contest of America!

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    Ok.. Sons is over and I have done my experiments.. adding weight to the counterweight does not in fact slow this thing down... it makes the first arm reset too high so that a ball will fall straight though from the top path... lesson learned... Still a great design... 8 stars for you


    Just built this most excellent element.... I'm guessing that if I add more weight to the counterweight, it would operate a bit slower... I'll let you know in a minute or 3... or after the Sons of Anarchy is over.... Good job