Introduction: K'nex M60E4 Instructions

hello guys and girls. after an excessively long wait, the instructions are finaly here. You will have your own M60E4 if you follow the steps carefully. I wish you the best of luck building this. However, skill is required to succesfully complete this gun. Many parts are necessary too.

Step 1: Parts List


  • Dark Grey: 30
  • Light Grey: 3
  • Red: 33
  • Green: 6
  • Yellow: 196
  • Orange: 107
  • Blue 3D: 22


  • Green: Too many to count.
  • White: 68
  • Blue: 56
  • Yellow: 2
  • Red: 0
  • Grey: 1


  • Tan clip: 3
  • Blue clip: 3
  • Grey spacers: 2
  • Blue spacers: 4
  • 'Y' cons: 29
  • Blue hinge: 3
  • Black hinge: 6
  • Small bands: 7
  • Big bands: 2
  • Tape
  • Plastic glue
  • Duct tape

Modified pieces:

  • Broken white rods: 4
  • Broken Orange cons: 1
  • broken red cons: 1

Step 2: Barrel

  1. Gather and make all these parts.
  2. Close up of the front sight.
  3. Put these 3 bars on the lower barrel section.
  4. Put one layer of bars on the upper barrel section.
  5. Add the front sight like this for now.
  6. Take the longest bar and put it on the upper barrel section.
  7. Add the last set of bars on the upper barrel section and add the other leg of the front sight.
  8. Add the outer layer.

Step 3: Hand Guard

  1. Gather and make this stuff.
  2. Add the first two part to the back panel. Add the other two parts.
  3. Add another layer of those.
  4. Add the last layer.
  5. Add the 6 white/black rods on it. (sorry you need to take an extra rod)
  6. Add those two bars on top.

Step 4: Main Body

  1. Make this plate. Pay attention to the place of the blue rods.
  2. Make this plate. It will be layer 2.
  3. Add layer 2 to the main plate.
  4. Add this rod and slide two grey spacers onto it.
  5. Make these plates. It will be the handle.
  6. Add the small piece to the main plate.
  7. Add the odd piece to it.
  8. Add the last plate to the handle.
  9. Add the handle to the body like so.
  10. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of the third layer. just pay good attention and look at other pictures.
  11. Make the trigger.
  12. Take it apart and slide it in like so.
  13. Add the other piece.
  14. Make the trigger guard. note that there's a bit of tape on the black rod.
  15. Slide it into the handle like so.
  16. Add the rod to the body and slide the trigger guard onto it.
  17. Make this stuff. it will be layer four.
  18. Add layer four like so.
  19. Make the belt cover.
  20. Another view.
  21. Attach like so.
  22. Close it and slide it over the orange con sticking out.
  23. Make the rear sight.
  24. Another view note that there's tape onto it to keep the dark grey con into place.
  25. Add like so.
  26. Make layer five.
  27. Add like so.
  28. Add all the remaining dark grey cons like so.

Step 5: Buttstock

  1. Gather and make.
  2. Add the pieces like so.
  3. Close up.
  4. Add the last layer.

Step 6: Box Magazine

  1. Make this strange piece. Just look at it closely. One rod is a white one. It's black on the picture.
  2. Make this piece.
  3. Gather these bits.
  4. Make this big part.
  5. Attach like so.
  6. Add the tan clip like so.

Step 7: Odd Parts

  1. Make these parts and get those rubberbands.
  2. Close up of the firing pin. You should glue the red connector to the grey rod beneath the tape. Uou can also see the modified red conector.

Step 8: Assembly

  1. Add the barrel to the grip.
  2. Add the grip to the main body.
  3. Add the body to the stock.

Step 9: Assembly of Odd Parts

  1. Add the fake charging handle and the charging handle mount.
  2. Slide in the modified ram rod.

Step 10: Banding

  1. Add a small band for the charging handle.
  2. Add two bands for the trigger block.
  3. Add a rubberband on the handle.
  4. Add a band for the trigger.
  5. Add a small band for the front sight like so.
  6. Add two bands for the belt cover.

Step 11: Attaching the Box Magazine

  1. Push in those 3 rods like so.
  2. Put the magazine on top of the 3 rods sticking out and then push the 3 others rods back in place.
  3. Put the belt through the belt cover.
  4. Put the mag pusher in and put a small band on top of it.
  5. Add a big rubber band like so and do the same at the other side.

Step 12: Finished

If you managed to get to this step, then you're done!
Have fun with your own life-size M60E4.
Hear is what you should consider. I am not responsable for any physical damage you may inflict. Never aim toward humans or animals because it can do serious damage.