Knex M8 Pistol

Introduction: Knex M8 Pistol

About: i am not very good at making my own knex guns so i have started to just make peoples guns and mod them a bit one day every one of you will bow down to me........

This is my Knex M8 Pistol. It will shoot good if you have good rubber bands. This is also my first instructable.

Step 1: Pieces

The # of pieces are in the little yellow boxes.

Step 2: Stuff to Make...

make all of these. Make pic 1 twice.

Step 3: Putting It Together...

Just follow the pics and notes.

Step 4: The Rubber Bands...

This is easy.

Step 5: Loading and Fireing...

Pic 1 is loading, Pic 2 is cocking, and then just pull the trigger.

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