Introduction: Knex Ping-Pong Ball Popper

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This is a handheld knex ball popper. It is powered by a rudder band and shoots about 3-6 feet in the air depending on your rubber band. You can store the ping-pong ball in the bottom to keep it from getting lost. It is very fun if you make two of these, than get two players to pop the ball back and forth.

Step 1: Parts Count

These are the knex you will need for the popper:


Dark Grey - 1

Orange - 2

Red - 8

Green - 16

Purple 3D - 28

Yellow - 4

Blue 3D - 4

White - 4


Green - 49

White - 24

Blue - 6

Yellow - 3


Blue Spacers - 2

Tan Clip - 1

Rubber Band - 1+

Ping-Pong Ball - 1

You are ready to get making! If this list is wrong, please tell me.

Step 2: The Handle

This is how you make the handle.

1. Make this small part.

2. Add white rods to it.

3. Connect these to the top.

4. Put white rods on it.

5. Add this to the top.

6. Attach these red connectors to the top.

You are done with the handle. Don't worry, it gets better!

Step 3: Bottom Part of the Catcher

In this step you will be making the bottom part of the ball catcher.

1. Add this to the handle.

2. Put these rods on.

3. Put the rubber band on. It isn't connected to anything on the other side yet.

4. Add these to a blue rod.

5. This is the trigger once it is finished.

6. Connect the trigger like this.

7. Attach the yellow rod here.

8. Put the rubber band here.

9. Add these.

10. Build these parts.

11. Add them here.

You are done with the main part! This will pop the ball, but it will be almost impossible to catch it. so on to the next step.

Step 4: The Catcher

In this step you will be making the sides that catch the ball. This is the last step, so once you are done with this step you are done!

1. Add white rods to the front and back.

2. Add connectors to the rods.

3. Build these.

4. Connect them there.

5. Add green connectors and blue rods to make the edges curve in.

6. Another view. The other side should look like this side.

7. Build this.

8. Add it here.

Your done. The last three pics show how to store the ball.

Step 5: Done!

Done! Please tell me if the instructions weren't clear or if the parts count is wrong. Happy popping!