Introduction: Knex Radar Dish

Step 1:

First make this

Step 2:

Then make this

Step 3:

Attach the battery motor the white connector

Step 4:

Then connect the piece from part 2 on top

Step 5:

Now make this

Step 6:

Attach as shown

Step 7:

Then make this

Step 8:

Put that into the battery motor hole

Step 9:

Now make this

Step 10:

Attach to the other blue connector

Step 11:

After that make this

Step 12:

Attach as shown

Step 13:

Finally make this

Step 14:

Now attach a shown. Hope you enjoy using your radar dish and also don't forget to look at my other instructables as well just type in my name An33l on this websites search engine to see them. Bye!