Introduction: Knex Break+pump Action Rifle

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This is my knex rifle, it doesn't shoot but has a bolt that when pumped pushes a shell into a loose chamber and then the shell can be removed by uncipping a bottom red rod at the barrel.

Looks good
Sturdy body/ stock
Good sight
Requires no Brocken pieces

Hard to take apart
Doesn't shoot
Bolt jams
Hard to remove shells

Step 1: Stock and Bolt

Make the frame and attach the things onto it,then follow the pics and install the guts,make the other side of the frame and attach it. Add the fixings and your done.

Step 2: Connector Part and Hinge

Make this section and attach it to the stock and put the grey rod through it. Make the scope and this hinge box, attach the scope to the two red connectors on the top, then attach it to the stock.

Step 3: Barrel and Loading

Make the barrel. Slide a blue rod into the hinge and attach the barrel.
Make a shell and load it in, then snap it closed. Make these things and put them on.

Step 4: Bands and Add Ons

Get two tyres and put them on. Get two bands and put them on like this.

Now your done with your model k'nex hunting rifle, aim, pull the trigger,pump the bolt,reload another shell.

Once the shell capacity is full unclip the bottom and remove the shell.

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