Introduction: Knex Robot Wars Terrorhurtz

About: I love K'nex, build the occasional wooden things, and also am an amateur engineer. Currently, I am learning more about Stormworks, and I might end up posting tutorials about The ships I build!

Terrorhurtz, the mighty axe wielding legend, that has been in many a final, but has never been a champion. Here is the k'nex version. Have fun!


Armour Plating Strength: 7/10, could be improved, as the locks sometimes let go if hit hard enough, but is greatly spinner resistant. (and yes, i do fight other robots with him, such as Thor...)

Axe Power: 9/10 huge damage capability.



no green

10 white

32 blue

55 yellow

22 red (or green, but not the orange locking rods)

no grey


any 15 pins (i used the classic pins with a hole)

24 "Y" connectors

16 red

8 green

57 yellow

4-6 blue (4 if you rather white than blue)

0-2 white (same reason as above)

4 purple or grey clip connectors

Happy Biulding!!1

Step 1: Core

Each number is a picture.

1 make x4

2 make

3 connect

4 make

5 connect

6 connect

7 get

8 connect

Step 2: Axe Support and Axe Rotation Rod

1 make

2 connect

3 make

4 make

5 connect

6 make

7 connect

8 connect

9 get

10 make

11 get

12 get

13 slide on in order

14 slide on

15 connect

Step 3: Side, Rest of Axe, and Front Locks and Armour

1 make

2 make

3 connect

4 make

5 connect

6 make-the custom wheels are just made from 6 small k'nex wheels,

7 connect

8 make

9 connect

10 make

11 connect, sorry u cant see the part, but it should be just like the bottom,

12 connect to main core

13 copy the other side, but backwards, if u know what i mean... make the parts face the robot, or biuld it on the robot if it would help,

14 connect to core

15 make

16 another view of 15

17 connect to core

18, 19, the locks make the armor stay facing out and up

20 make front plow

21, 22 connect to robot, and front locks

23 robot so far

Step 4: Axe Use

1 resting and aiming

2 hitting!!!