Introduction: Knex Robot Wars Thor

About: I love K'nex, build the occasional wooden things, and also am an amateur engineer. Currently, I am learning more about Stormworks, and I might end up posting tutorials about The ships I build!

Thor. the fast and red robot that has always had problems with his CO2 system. as mostly a dreamer, it took me 5 months to perfect the design. it features a breakable bumper on the front that is required to cushion any impacts that hit the front of the robot. the actual robot just has a wedge, not a bumper, but my bumper works as a wedge as well.


Strength (armor): 7/10

Strength (weapon/ax): 10/10

Strength (ax shaft): 10/10 because of the bendy-rod shaft locks.

i give anyone permission to recreate and re-post this build for themselves, as long as the design is changed.



Green: 0

White: 27

Blue: 55

Yellow: 37

Red: 2

Grey: 0


light blue: 1

light purple: 0

orange: 2

clear/metal-tip: 0

green/purple: 1

Gears (any wheel will work as well, but i was running low on wheel so used gears instead):

Small: 0

Medium: 2

Large: 0

Connectors (number of slots in brackets):

pins, any type will do (1): 14

"Y"s (2): 6

Red (3): 3

Green (4): 12

Grey/Purple, that clip together (4): 26 sets (52 pieces)

Yellow, tabs don't matter (5): 38

Blue, that clip together (7): 0

White (8): 0

Step 1: Bumper/Wedge

1: make

2: make

3: connect on both pieces, alternately

4: A view showing the alternating sides

5: make

6: connect

7: connect

8: Robot so far

Step 2: Side Walls

1: make x2

2: make

3: make

4: connect

5: connect

6: get

7: connect

8: connect

9: make another one identical to the first, but facing the other way

10: connect

11: Robot so far

Step 3: Axe Mount and Center Roof

1: make

2: make

3: make

4: connect

5: make

6: make

7: make

8: connect

9: connect

10: make

11: connect

12: the whole piece

13: get

14, 15, 16, 17, 18: attach all

19: robot so far

Step 4: Bottom Armor

1: make

2: get

3: flip over

4: attach

5: robot so far

Step 5: Rear

1: make

2: make

3: connect

Step 6: Axe

Very tricky as i did not feel like hurting my poor fingers again to take it all apart... OuO

all pics are just different angles of the axe to assist you in building it. good luck!!!

Step 7: Assembly and Use (video)

get all and put together axe is used by hand. and you are done!!!