Introduction: K'nex Safe

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This is my instructable of a safe out of k'nex.
EDIT: The doorframe is build so good, that I can sit on it!

Step 1: Piececount

In this Step are all pieces listed up.

green: 796
white: 380
yellow: 3
red: 2
Total Rods: 1181

darkgray: 9
orange: 1
red: 4
green: 4
purpel: 260
yellow: 32
blue: 52
white: 216
Total Connectors: 578

Y-Connector: 4
Tan-clip: 2
blue spacers: 29
Total Other: 35

Total: 1794

Step 2: The Base

Step 3: Mechamism

It's time to make the mechamism

Step 4: Door

Step 5: Side Door Frame

Step 6: Upper Door Frame

Step 7: Make the Rest

Step 8: Finishing Statement

You finally finished the safe out of k'nex. If you have any problems feel free to ask. You'll have to find out the code you made. Turn first long enough clockwise and the counterclockwise.