Knex Sentry

Introduction: Knex Sentry

A knex sentry/ turret that looks cool. Looks like TF2 sentry. But t doesn't shoot. Enjoy building it!

Step 1: Turret

This is the turret. Also known as the barrel.

Step 2: Fake Mechanism and Ammunition

This doesn't but it makes it makes it cool.

Step 3: Base

This is what holds the entire sentry.

Step 4: Assembly

In this step, you will attach all of your parts to ONE BIG sentry! Oh, and also, add the "ammo" to the two white rods on the fake mechanism.

Step 5: Finished!1!!!1111!!

You're done! please favorite, an comment down what was the hardest step! And here's a cake for a reward!!!1!!!!!!!1


BONUSSS!!!1!!1 Spy's butterfly knife! you can build from the pictures.

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