Introduction: Knex Shift-Tilt Lift

Hi guys, this is the first lift I've designed from scratch, the Shift-Tilt Lift!

Firstly, I will not be posting instructions for the lift as there are a few too many issues with it (Sorry!)

The Shift-Tilt Lift transports the balls by shifting up and down, and tilting the cartridges the balls are held in (super creative name, I know). I used a lever connected to the cartridges so that when it's pressed down the cartridges will tilt down, causing the ball to roll to the other side. Repeating this action elevates the ball to the top.

What would a knex ball lift be without issues? The Shift-Tilt Lift in its current state suffers from poor reliability and the lack of an ability to handle multiple balls. The idea was to make it so it could transport multiple balls at a time but it's unfortunately only able to handle one. Because of the way it's put together it also jams sometimes, everything is very close knit inside the tower. It's also a bit of a piece hog, requiring lots of blue and gray clips.

I don't plan on trying to make the lift better, as I have other ideas for better lifts and I don't think this concept is worth continuing. However I've provided pictures and video should you want to try and replicate the design, and if you need more details please feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading, and happy building!