Introduction: Knex Shotgun V1

Hi everyone, this is my new Knex shotgun. It's been a while since I've built but I decided that I needed to give it a go. There were some good Knex gun concepts introduced several years ago, and this is my attempt to implement some of them. Most notably is the drum fed magazine allowing for 2 bullets per shot. The bullets, now yellow rods, were originally intended to be green rods for more of a buckshot effect. However, I couldn't quite get those to feed properly, it just wasn't reliable. The drum magazine holds 16 rods in total, allowing for 8 shots and has an internal rotary pusher. The pusher is wound and locks into place, allowing rods to be loaded in through a slot on the top. The gun body is designed with an offset that allows the ram to hit 2 rods simultaneously. This was inspired by KILLERK's (currently Lego Knex Maniac on Youtube) indoor shotgun idea video, where he proposed a similar concept. The trigger area is a familiar TR-8 setup, with the guard taken off an old gun from ZakRants. The pin guide is standard and the top ram slide is study and feels great. The gun overall is pretty solid, and can be loaded with many bands. From the few firing tests I've done I'd say it performs slightly worse than a standard TR-8 band-per-band. This type of magazine introduces more friction than a turret, but the whole point of the gun is the drum, lol. It still performs well, but improvements will me made in future versions. I think the gun looks super clean, and I hope you like it!

I likely won't do a full set of instructions, but internals will be posted with the v2. Cheers!


  • 16 round drum magazine
  • Locking rotary mechanism
  • Shoots 2 yellow rods per shot
  • Great trigger
  • Reliable slide and pin guide
  • Easy, continuous loading