Introduction: Knex 100ft Sniper

Hello fellow instrucables users! After 3 months of developing, I have finally obtained an effective sniper rifle. It is not a build, as it's design was made up.

I'm not posting it, just wanting to show u, and inspire u to become or improve your knexing skills. Now, what really matters, the stats ;

Uses ram rod mech, which I built mine from aluminium, to support more power
1.24m of height, (4.06ft) 1.5kg of weight (3.3 pounds), and it has 3 layers.

At hip height, at 35°, I got 100 ft of range, (30 meters), using a blue rod, mag fed. The mag holds 10 rods, plus one in the barrel. Its size can be be adapted.

Its butt stock is in a v shape, so it locks on the shoulder, right ahead is the cheek rest. It contains 2 sights, the pro scope, from Bushnell, and regular iron sights on the bottom for close range.

An object the size of a Cereal box can be hit up to 40 ft easily, using the scope, making it a very accurate knex rifle.

Its trigger is light and strong. The gun contains 3 fore grips, the first is inclined and is ideal for sniping while laying down, then comes a horizontal one which is universal, and ahead of the mag there is an extension of it, ideal for bigger people.

Finally there's the carrying strap and a foldable and expandable bipod, which can be put away by swinging forward and clicking onto barrel.

The last pics are older versions and some jokes. Hope u like it and comment please!