Knex Tubeless Helix Lift

Introduction: Knex Tubeless Helix Lift

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This is a variation of the helix lift that uses flexirods instead of tubes.

Whenever I build it I find that it only works with one ball, and you can't hand-crank it or else it will get stuck.

If you have tubes, I would recommend you rather build a version with tubes.

Step 1: Frame

Construct a frame made of red rods.

At the bottom of the frame, place some white connects to hold the helix.

Up the side of the frame, make a pattern that the ball wont go through.

You also might want to put grey rods everywhere to make it more stable.

Step 2: Rail

Add a gaurd-rail that the ball will push against.

Step 3: Helix

Most of this pattern keeps the helix rigid. Make sure that it is attached to a rod such that when the rod spins, the whole helix spins.

Step 4: Adding the Helix

Slide the helix into the base so it can spin.

Add a motor at the top to hold and run the helix.

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Mister Gears
Mister Gears

2 years ago

oh, i have the plan at home, but the model don't work at all, i don't know what they were thinking when they sold this kit.


2 years ago on Introduction

thank you for adding this! we haven't gotten around to doing it from the ball machine instructions (they aren't the best scanned quality) this might be easier :)


2 years ago