Introduction: Knex Tubeless Helix Lift

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This is a variation of the helix lift that uses flexirods instead of tubes.

Whenever I build it I find that it only works with one ball, and you can't hand-crank it or else it will get stuck.

If you have tubes, I would recommend you rather build a version with tubes.

Step 1: Frame

Construct a frame made of red rods.

At the bottom of the frame, place some white connects to hold the helix.

Up the side of the frame, make a pattern that the ball wont go through.

You also might want to put grey rods everywhere to make it more stable.

Step 2: Rail

Add a gaurd-rail that the ball will push against.

Step 3: Helix

Most of this pattern keeps the helix rigid. Make sure that it is attached to a rod such that when the rod spins, the whole helix spins.

Step 4: Adding the Helix

Slide the helix into the base so it can spin.

Add a motor at the top to hold and run the helix.