Introduction: K'nex Upside-Down Marble Lift

About: I Started K'nex 1 year ago.

This is a small marble lift I designed.

Instead of the traditional method of the marbles going up on top of the chain, I decided to see if I could get a lift where the chain is above the marbles,

This model is a proof of concept. I just wanted to see if I could get it to work.

To join the lift with the entrance ramp, I use the two blue flex rods shown in the first image (same size as the white rods). If you don't have these, you will have to try a different method.


The three types of end connectors are show in the second image. I used mostly the left one. However, the connector on the right can be used in most places. Section 7 describes how to substitute the long connector for the short one on the left.

Step 1: Build the Chain Lift Section

This is the top section that contains the chain that pushes the marbles up the track. It also has room for the motor to be connected on the top right-hand side.

The first five images show the support being put together.

Once you have made the chain support, you will need 33 chain links, 11 two-way connectors, and 11 green rods.

The last four images show the chain and marble pushers being put together and added to the support.

The pushers are attached to the chain every three links.

Next, the chain is added to the support with the top row's green rods facing to the left

Step 2: The Incline Marble Ramp

This is the ramp that the marbles run up. They are guided up the ramp by the chain pushers.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th image just show in close detail how one of the nine parts of the ramp are put together. It is not included in the build but is just there as a reference when the ramp is connected together.

Step 3: The Entrance Ramp

This is a simple entrance ramp for the marbles. It uses two of the short blue flex rods (same size as the white rods).

Nothing special about this small build.

Step 4: Exit Ramp

This is a simple exit ramp.

Step 5: Connect the Four Parts Together

Here we connect the four sections together.

1. Chain Section

2. Marble Ramp

3. Entrance Ramp

4. Exit Ramp

The pictures should be enough.

Step 6: Add the Motor and Clip

Now add the motor and the clip that holds it in place.

Move the switch to the right to get the lift running in the correct direction.

Step 7: Alternative Parts

I use,

Short end connectors - 37

Interlocking clips - 2

1-way connectors - 6

If you don't have enough Short end connectors, the Interlocking clips can be used in its place.

Also, 32 of the 37 connectors can be replaced with the 1-way connectors.

See the images for more detail.