Knex Uzi

Introduction: Knex Uzi

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My Knex Uzi!

Pin guide
Removable Magazine
True trigger
Pretty accurate to the real thing


A lot of Knex, tape, and rubber bands. You will also need at least 5 cut white rods.

Step 1: Magazine/ Handle

Pic 1: Parts. 1 of the cut white rods are not necessary, and the broken Y connector is also not needed.
Pic 2: Build this
Pic 3: Add these on
Pic 4: Add these on
Pic 5: Put the pusher in
Pic 6: Hook the band here
Pic 7: Add these on
Pic 8: And these
Pic 9: put the other side on
Pic 10: Slide this in
Pic 11: Slide this rod in. Does not have to be cut, but is easier to put In if it is.
Pic 12: Put the side plates on. Same place on both sides
Pic 13: Put rubber bands to hold the plates on
Pic 14: Finished magazine/handle

Step 2: Stock

Pic 1: Parts you need
Pic 2: Put the blue rods in
Pic 3: Put this on
Pic 4: Put these 3 parts on, connected by a white rod
Pic 5: Put the orange piece on
Pic 6: put this piece on
Pic 7: Put the ram and pin guide on
Pic 8: Put this piece in
Pic 9: Put the other side on and you’re done with the stock
Pic 10: Forgot this earlier, but make sure there is a purple connector on the end of the pin guide

Step 3: Body

Pic 1: All of the parts needed. All of the cut rods in this step can be replaced, with some modifications to the panels. The longer ones are cut to fit 5 connectors, and the shorter ones are cut white rods
Pic 2: Add the blue rods
Pic 3: Add 3 of these
Pic 4: Add this on
Pic 5: Add this on, making sure the white rod from the previous step is connected to the exposed orange connector
Pic 6: Add this In
Pic 7: Add this on
Pic 8: Add this plate on
Pic 9: add this on
Pic 10: Add blue rod with ball joint here
Pic 11: Add in the top rail
Pic 12: Attach a blue rod and put the trigger here
Pic 13: Add these pieces on
Pic 14: Add these rods in
Pic 15: Add this piece on
Pic 16: Add the tiger plates on (not sure why it’s upside down)
Pic 17: Add the fake barrel
Pic 18: Add the grip
Pic 19: Add the other side panel
Pic 20: Add the trigger bar
Pic 21: Add the rest of the trigger
Pic 22: Add these on
Pic 23: Finished body

Step 4: Assembly

Pic 1: Slide the handle in, simple enough
Pic 2: Add the stock on
Pic 3: Add 2 cut white rods here (you will have to remove the white connector on top first)
Pic 4: Finished gun

Step 5: Comestics

All of these pieces are optional. Your gun will work just fine without them. They are purely for looks
Pic 1: All of the pieces
Pic 2: Close up of rear sight
Pics 3-5: Put the plates on. Same thing on the other side
Pic 6: Add a rubberband here. Not necessary, but I find the panels here fall of pretty easily
Pic 7: Add the rear sight here
Pic 8: Finished gun with cosmetics

Step 6: Rubber Bands

Pic 1: Add band here
Pic 2: And here
*On both steps 1 and two, pit one on the same place on the other side
Pic 3: Add the ram bands (hooks in the same place on both sides)

And there you go, you’ve just built yourself a working Knex Uzi submachime gun.

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    12 months ago

    Great gun. Looks more like a mp7 than an uzi. Does it actually shoot?


    1 year ago

    Duh so inaccurate. Can you see a difference, if you don't I think you need to book an appointment with the optcians.

    underswap sans
    underswap sans

    1 year ago

    this uzi looks good hmmm ah ha i can turn this uzi into a ak-47


    Reply 1 year ago

    I’m sure you probably could modify it and turn it into an Ak-47

    Lucas The Boss
    Lucas The Boss

    1 year ago

    Wow, nice looking Uzi! Interesting concept using the magazine as the handle, and excellent job on getting the pin lock behind the magazine. Great work!

    The Knex Inventor
    The Knex Inventor

    2 years ago on Step 6

    I'm so glad to see that the K'NEX gun community isn't completely abandoned