Introduction: Knex Uzi

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My Knex Uzi!

Pin guide
Removable Magazine
True trigger
Pretty accurate to the real thing


A lot of Knex, tape, and rubber bands. You will also need at least 5 cut white rods.

Step 1: Magazine/ Handle

Pic 1: Parts. 1 of the cut white rods are not necessary, and the broken Y connector is also not needed.
Pic 2: Build this
Pic 3: Add these on
Pic 4: Add these on
Pic 5: Put the pusher in
Pic 6: Hook the band here
Pic 7: Add these on
Pic 8: And these
Pic 9: put the other side on
Pic 10: Slide this in
Pic 11: Slide this rod in. Does not have to be cut, but is easier to put In if it is.
Pic 12: Put the side plates on. Same place on both sides
Pic 13: Put rubber bands to hold the plates on
Pic 14: Finished magazine/handle

Step 2: Stock

Pic 1: Parts you need
Pic 2: Put the blue rods in
Pic 3: Put this on
Pic 4: Put these 3 parts on, connected by a white rod
Pic 5: Put the orange piece on
Pic 6: put this piece on
Pic 7: Put the ram and pin guide on
Pic 8: Put this piece in
Pic 9: Put the other side on and you’re done with the stock
Pic 10: Forgot this earlier, but make sure there is a purple connector on the end of the pin guide

Step 3: Body

Pic 1: All of the parts needed. All of the cut rods in this step can be replaced, with some modifications to the panels. The longer ones are cut to fit 5 connectors, and the shorter ones are cut white rods
Pic 2: Add the blue rods
Pic 3: Add 3 of these
Pic 4: Add this on
Pic 5: Add this on, making sure the white rod from the previous step is connected to the exposed orange connector
Pic 6: Add this In
Pic 7: Add this on
Pic 8: Add this plate on
Pic 9: add this on
Pic 10: Add blue rod with ball joint here
Pic 11: Add in the top rail
Pic 12: Attach a blue rod and put the trigger here
Pic 13: Add these pieces on
Pic 14: Add these rods in
Pic 15: Add this piece on
Pic 16: Add the tiger plates on (not sure why it’s upside down)
Pic 17: Add the fake barrel
Pic 18: Add the grip
Pic 19: Add the other side panel
Pic 20: Add the trigger bar
Pic 21: Add the rest of the trigger
Pic 22: Add these on
Pic 23: Finished body

Step 4: Assembly

Pic 1: Slide the handle in, simple enough
Pic 2: Add the stock on
Pic 3: Add 2 cut white rods here (you will have to remove the white connector on top first)
Pic 4: Finished gun

Step 5: Comestics

All of these pieces are optional. Your gun will work just fine without them. They are purely for looks
Pic 1: All of the pieces
Pic 2: Close up of rear sight
Pics 3-5: Put the plates on. Same thing on the other side
Pic 6: Add a rubberband here. Not necessary, but I find the panels here fall of pretty easily
Pic 7: Add the rear sight here
Pic 8: Finished gun with cosmetics

Step 6: Rubber Bands

Pic 1: Add band here
Pic 2: And here
*On both steps 1 and two, pit one on the same place on the other side
Pic 3: Add the ram bands (hooks in the same place on both sides)

And there you go, you’ve just built yourself a working Knex Uzi submachime gun.