Introduction: K'nex War Seraded Knife

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EDIT!: Modding did not work, so the item shall stay the same.

Hello! This is my first melee weapon on instructables. It is quite powerful (for K'nex melee) due to its serades. Anyway, it is a seraded form of NatNoBrains's Knife and Sheath (I have not modded the sheath at all because this knife's seradesness renders the sheath pretty much useless) it has been tested to cut through a medium thickness cardboard sheet so it should cover close range defence on unarmored players fairly well.Because of the horizontal serades, impailing this in something would cause major damage, but that'd only happen if you find a gap wide enough.

Tested to cut through the cardboard base of water bottle packs
Impailing would be powerful if only the yellow connector was something sharper

Instructable had the blue clip on the handle in the wrong place (pic #1's image notes)
Doesn't cut K'nex

Step 1: The Parts

Click the pictures for the mouse hover tabs that show the amount of pieces of each (the first pic has none). The lightly colored green is a grey rod-sized stretchy and the grey rod pictured should be a reenforced piece (I was already using my reenforced rod). That single yellow connector is not gold for a reason! I don't want the thing falling off every time I impail a gun with it so it is yellow for a slightly smoother back edge. If you don't mind that inconvenience, you may switch it for gold but I suggest not.

Step 2: Steps 1-12

All the steps are in picture so you'll have to follow along if you can. Comment with your problem along with the # step you are stuck on.

#3: see how the flat side of that metallic blue is facing the tan pin? its supposed to be like that for all of the cases so the pin doesn't jam into one of itself every time you go hardcore with it.

Step 3: Steps 13-25

Again, post questions+the step number for help :)

#14 and #16: these might be a challenge because of the wheels' pressure
#17:EDIT! This blue connector is supposed to be on the exact opposide side of the knife that it is pictured as.

Step 4: Finished!

Finished! good luck with this knife! it probably won't cut through a K'nex rod but it will cut through medium cardboard sheet and can probably defend against some of the 3 layer short daggers. Don't forget the dual weild and good luck! :D The photos are the same as the ones from the intro