Introduction: Knex 'Weighted Kick' Ball Machine Lift/element Hybrid

About: I'm into knex ball machine stuff. My favourite parts are lift/element hybrids, probably because I tried building a perpetual ball machine. It didn't work, of course. All my knex stuff is creative common, and …
This is a lift which uses an element to reset it, so there's no motor involved. Unfortuantly the reset element looses more height than gained by the lift, so it's more of an element.


This lift/element has first been used in this ball machine:

Step 1: The Base

_ _ _
|\ |\ | |  Double layered
| \| \| |  Connected by
-------   Blue rods

Step 2: Enterance Track (and 2 Small Parts)

The entrance track goes on the part where there a square from the top view.
The 2 extra parts are composed of a white connector and 2 yellow rods each.

Step 3: First Hinge

This hinge fits into the 2 extra parts of the previous step. This connects the counter weight hinge and the arm hinge.

Step 4: Continued Scaffold

Again, a pattern with 2 layers connected by blue rods. Look out for the extra parts (tagged).

Step 5: Part Connecting Hinges

This would be a rod... if any rod was this length.

Step 6: Half of the Top Layer of Scaffold

This layer includes a path. Try to keep it out your way while building.

Step 7: Parallelogram 1

A parallelogram is a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite side equal.
A parallelogram is also a quadrilateral with both pairs of opposite parallel.
That's how this (and other elements) can function.

Step 8: The Arm

Again, double layer (but connected differently this time). If you want you can add extra scaffolding between the entrance and everything else.

Step 9: More Scaffolds

This part will hold the part which holds the second hinge.

Step 10: Even More Scaffolds

This path will hold the second hinge.

Step 11: The Second Hinge Part 1

This part will connect to the scaffold. Pay attention on the orientation of the orange bit.

Step 12: The Second Hinge Part 2

This bit goes on the end of the second hinge. It holds the counterweight.

Step 13: Adding the Second Hinge

Once you have completed this step push all the pieces (starting from the tagged one in the 3rd picture) towards the grey connector sticking out on the opposite side.

Step 14: The Rest of the Scaffold

This is customizable. Make your own or copy mine.

Step 15: And Even More Scaffold

This part holds the reset element.

Step 16: Pac-Man Counterweight

Pac-Man is the right shape and size for the mechanism. Sometimes pieces come in different colours including yellow...

Step 17: Reset Arm

The ball pulls this down, pushing up Pac-Man, raising the orange lever, setting the counterweight, resetting the unbalanced ramp. Try it... hmm... the ball needs more force...

Step 18: Adding a Chute for More Force

Unless the previous element gives enough force, the ball won't be able to reset the lift.

Step 19: Done!

Congrats! You're finished!