Introduction: Knex 'Puzzle' Ball Lift

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Here's a ball lift which is a mix between thealternator lift and the jigsaw lift.

Before you start decide how high (in blue rods*) you want it to go. This number will be needed later.
For these instructions I will build it to go up 4 blue rods.


*The ball ends at a point halfway through a blue rod. Round up the number.
Unless you're making an alternative entrance track, the ball starts one blue rod up.

Step 1: Sections

These are all the parts you'll build. Each step shows a different part in detail.

Step 2: Motor Section

The majority of this is padding and presentation for the motor. Other than that there is a gear (can be red) and a rod poking out.

Step 3: The Scoop

This is the path the ball gets "Scooped" into for the lift to work. This could be the enterance track, but then the ball needs the land at the right time. (3/8th of the motor's rotation)

Step 4: Connecting These Parts

Now you have the motor section and the scoop section. Connect them at 4 points.

Step 5: The Gears

These gears keep that moving bit verticle.

Step 6: Supporters of That Moving Bit

Now get out your number mentioned in the intro. Make sure the amout of white connectors on one of these is one less than your number, and on the other make it should be 2 less than your number.

Step 7: Adding Those

Just 2 connections.

Also, I just realised, three extra pieces (yellow connector, white rod, red rod) should be in step 4. They're in picture 3.

Step 8: That Moving Bit

Once again, take you're number (intro), subract 1, and that's how many blue rods there should be.

Step 9: Adding That Moving Bit

Those Y-clips should connect to the orange connectors.

Step 10: Ball Supports

Get your number (intro), add 1, that's the equivilant of how high these should be.

1 red rod = 2 blue rods

Step 11: Adding the Supports

There are 4 connections in total.

Step 12: One-way Flaps

There should be the same amount of flaps as your number.
This will be folded up when added.
Note that at the bottom, the are no dark grey connectors, and on the top there is an extra part.

Step 13: Adding the One-way Flaps

Start by connecting the bottom 2 green rods, making sure the scoop is on the right side. Put on the scoop then fold up the piece. Getting it past the gear might be hard so do that first.

Step 14: The Top, and Adding It

This top gets connected to the supports of the moving bit, the supporters of the ball, and the scaffold.

Step 15: Entrance Track

Optional if you're making a custom version.

Step 16: Adding That

6 connections.

Step 17: Loader for Entrance Track

The balls land here.

Step 18: Adding the Loader for the Entrance Track

This is probably the hardest step so watch the pictures carefully.

Step 19: Exit Track

Just watch all the pictures.

Step 20: Finish!

Add that, then you're done!

Step 21: VERY OPTIONAL Entrance to Loader of Entrance Track

In case you don't know a way of leading up to it: this!