Introduction: K'nex C.A.R. : Compact Assault Rifle

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Hi there.
My most recent K'nex creation is this gun, the C.A.R.
This stands for Compact Assault Rifle, which it would be, if it shot.
However, this is a non-shooting gun, I made when I was bored a couple of days ago.
It feautures:
- Moving charging handle and trigger
- Compact
- Removable magazines
- Sort of comfortable (my hands are too large for the handle)
- Foregrip
- Pretty good looks IMO
- A bolt catch (idea by The Dunkis
- A magazine release, closer to the trigger (but still behind the handle) (idea by The Dunkis)

That's about it.
Sorry for the blurry-ish photos
Less blurry photos have been added, with most of the old ones removed

Edit 2
The Dunkis had two ideas to put into this gun:
- A bolt catch, to keep the charging handle backwards, and a seperate trigger / button to release it.
- A magazine release trigger / button close to the trigger.

The first idea is successfully incorporated into the gun. It's a small button you push forwards to release the charging handle.
The second idea is a bit different. The trigger for the magazine release is behind the handle, and you pull it with your thumb to release the magazine.

Video that shows what it does:

And a video that shows the new bolt catch and mag release:


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