Knex Gauntlet

Introduction: Knex Gauntlet

If you want me to post this I will as step-by-step instructions. The plain old fist does good when wanting to break someone's nose (which i don't but this little weapon adds some power behind the punch...alot of power...OUCH!!!. THIS IS NOT STEEL so don't go trying to break a wood board with this as the weapon with break and your hand might be badly damaged as well. The design on the side is a Yin & Yang symbol and you don't have to make it if you don't want to...the hand hammer works just without...again it was just a little something that I put on. 

Tell me if you want this creation added as step-by-step instructable. I'm the one who put up that Knex katana back in August of 2009 under the name then as taichimaster. My real name is Jason Racine by the way. 

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    Oh, ok, I see how this works. It just adds weight behind the punch. Interesting. At first I thought it shot something, but I was wrong.