Introduction: K'nex IPod Case / Gun Instructions

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Hello there,

These are the instructions to the gun / iPod case I posted a while ago.
This gun uses a medium to somewhat large amount of pieces, depending on your K'nex collection. It uses some broken rods, other broken pieces you see in the instructions aren't needed. I used them, 'cause they were lying around at the time of making this gun.

Step 1: Build the Front Internals

These are the internals that go in the front end of the gun.

Picture 1: Most of the internals of the front
Picture 2: Parts of the exposed barrel
Picture 3: How the barrel looks on the inside
Picture 4: Build these
Picture 5: Front grip-like part
Picture 6: Build these parts
Picture 7: Attach the middle layer
Picture 8: Attach the other outer layer
Picture 9: Add these parts, but turn them around. The beige clip should be on the other end (where you can see the yellow connector in this photo)
Picture 10: Make the parts for the trigger
Picture 11: Attach them to eachother
Picture 12: Trigger part 2
Picture 13: The double ratchet
Picture 14: Another view

Step 2: The Internals of the Mid-section

Picture 1: Build these
Picture 2: "attach" the other green part
Picture 3: Make this
Picture 4: The green loop is attached like this
Picture 5: Another picture
Picture 6: Attach both parts in this way.
Picture 7: Make this thing
Picture 8: Blue rod is attached in these slots

Step 3: Charging Handle and Back Sights

Picture 1: The finished product
Picture 2: Build these parts
Picture 3: Make these
Picture 4: Clip a green rod in the ball joint connector like this
Picture 5: Make this
Picture 6: The charging handle itself
Picture 7: Attach the internals
Picture 8: Add the other outer layer
Picture 9: Grab these
Picture 10: attach them like this

Step 4: Last Internals

Picture 1: Grab and make these
Picture 2: Attach the middle parts
Picture 3: Add other outer layer
Picture 4: Make this
Picture 5: Make this
Picture 6: Other view
Picture 7: Make these two
Picture 8: Make these
Picture 9: Those are two y clips
Picture 10: Attach like this

Step 5: Outer Layer

Picture 1: Front part
Picture 2: Middle part
Picture 3: Back part

Step 6: Adding the Front Internals

Picture 1: Grab these parts
Picture 2: Add the first of those parts
Picture 3: Add the front barrel and longer row of orange connectors
Picture 4: Another view
Picture 5: Add the last part
Picture 6: Grab these
Picture 7: Attach the first part
Picture 8: Grab the front grip
Picture 9: Attach it
Picture 10: Another view
Picture 11: How it attaches in the front
Picture 12: Add this part
Picture 13: Add the last part
Picture 14: Grab the two trigger parts
Picture 15: Attach them
Picture 16: Another view
Picture 17: Grab the ratchet part
Picture 18: Attach it

Step 7: Adding the Mid-section Internals

Picture 1: Grab this
Picture 2: Attach the hing part here
Picture 3: Attach the panel here
Picture 4: Another view
Picture 5: Another view
Picture 6: Grab this part
Picture 7: Attach it here
Picture 8: Grab the orange connector bar
Picture 9: Attach it underneath the panel, with the beige connectors facing upwards
Picture 10: Another view
Picture 11: Grab the charging handle part
Picture 12: Attach it above the panel
Picture 13: Another view
Picture 14: Another view

Step 8: Adding the Back Internals

Picture 1: Grab these
Picture 2: Attach here
Picture 3: Another view
Picture 4: Grab these
Picture 5: Attach here
Picture 6: Grab this
Picture 7: Attach here
Picture 8: Grab this
Picture 9: Attach here
Picture 10: Another view

Step 9: The Other Outer Panel

Picture 1: The front
Picture 2: Mid-section
Picture 3: The back part
Picture 4: Attach
Picture 5: Attach
Picture 6: Attach

Step 10: Final Bits 'n Pieces

Picture 1: Grab this
Picture 2: Attach it here
Picture 3: Make these
Picture 4: Add them here, with a rubberband
Picture 5: Grab a rubberband
Picture 6: Add it here
Picture 7: Grab two rubberbands
Picture 8: Trigger RB 1
Picture 9: Trigger RB 2
Picture 10: Your gun should now look like this

Step 11: Loading the Gun

Picture 1: Hook a rubberband on one of the two outer yellow connectors at the end of the barrel
Picture 2: Make sure it goes around the front sights on the same side
Picture 3: Hook it on the ratchet on the same side

Step 12: Done!

I hope you have fun with this gun, and be sure to tell me what you think of it in the comments!
If you have any questions about the gun, the instructions or somethi