Introduction: Knex Ipad Dock/stand

This is my tablet dock/stand.

My main goals were:

- Make it slim so it looks nice.
- It needs to charge while standing in the dock.

I have search the web and i didn't found a good ipad dock.
The ones I found were to big so nog really practical
and they could not charge while standing in the dock.

So I made this tablet/smartphone dock/stand and I really hope you like it!
Iphones and Ipads can charge inside this dock while standing in the stand.
NOTE: this stand is for ipads and iphones with lightning connectors but it's
really easy to adjust it to 30-pin connectors!

ps. I'm new to the instructions and hope to give you some good pictures.
And sorry for my bad English cus I'm Dutch.

Tell me your opinion!

Step 1: Dock for Lightning Connectors

In this dock only lighning devices can charge.

Step 2: Dock for 30-pin Connectors

In this dock lightning and 30-pin devices can charge.