Introduction: Knex Ninja Star/rubber Band Gun

About: I am an 18 year old from luverne MN, and I love to spend my spare time playing with knex, Legos and my xbox. I also enjoy hunting, airsoft, and swimming.

This is a knex gun that I created a few months back, that I use to shoot rubber bands 20 feet, and paper origami ninja stars 40+ feet. WARNING! DO NOT BUILD THIS GUN IF YOU WANT AN ACCURATE KNEX GUN. this gun was built to be a platform suitable to many types of ammo. Not to be a sniper rifle. Yet.....

Step 1: The Barrel

Make the following piece in picture 1, 5 times. Then take one set, and put white connectors on the bottom slots, then take this piece, and take another one of the five sets, and inset the white connectors through each of the holes on the new set(at this point it should look like picture 4). Then take another one of the sets of five, and make it parallel to the first set added (picture 5 and 6). Now put white rods on the bottom slots of the set that has the white rods going through its hole, and put white rods on the bottom slot of that set (like seen in picture 7). Now take your remaining sets, and flip them in comparison to the top two sets (pictures 8-10). Now take two blue rods and to blue spacers, thenattach them like shown (picture 11 and 12). Now take white rods and place them like shown in the pictures (13 and 14).now follow picture 15 - 19 for the rest of the barrel.

Step 2: The Stock

Just follow the pictures for this step.

Step 3: Trigger System, and Trigger Guard.

Once again follow the picture.

Step 4: Final Assembly

Step 5: Stringing the Rubber Bands

Were really making a habit of following the pictures aren't we? Now we are finished with the assembly! But if you want, you can continue on for some ideas for ammo, as it's platform is suitable for almost any type of ammo.

Step 6: Ammunition

These are a few suggestions for ammo to use for the gun. Knex arrows(on my instructable for knex crossbow/gun that shoots arrows) knex rods, rubber bands, and my favorite: paper ninja stars. Unfortunately the ninja stars are not very accurate, but make very fun ammunition. If you want me to make an ible for paper ninja stars that are the proper size for this gun, please say so in the comments. Other wise follow this link : (this is not a video created my me, so the credit for the ninja star goes to rob's world.