Introduction: Knex 'wheeled Crankshaft' Ball Lift

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This lift in powered by a large crankshaft which is what I had in mind when building the 'raiser' ball lift. Because there's no rods long enough to cover the height I wanted, wheels are used to support it.


Step 1: Parts You'll Make

Each piece is a step (there is one hidden at the top).

Step 2: Main Scaffold

This will be the main scaffold. Notice how there are no red rods connecting the middle, and how some rods (tagged) are different sets of pieces.

Step 3: Additional Scaffold

A quick addition to the previous step. I just didn't want too much in one step.

Step 4: Aligner

This makes sure the ball holder doesn't move away from the entrance track.
The larger rod must be a 'gold rod'. (They're the same size as a red rod, but come with specific spacing.)

Step 5: Wheel Supports

These support the wheel when they go up and down. Notice the gap in them.

Step 6: Adding the Wheel Supports

Remember how you had to have a different version of the red rod? This explains it!

Step 7: Ball Aligner Aligners

These parts help align the wheel aligners, and the more complicated part is the exit track.

Step 8: Adding Those Pieces

Add them where you see them in the picture. Check the orientation.

Step 9: Ball Holder

This is the ball holder. The wheels align them, the rod (above it) attaches to the crankshaft, and the connectors (below it) aligns it.

Step 10: Add the Ball Holder

Easy storage, and better done now than later. Make sure the rods align with the wheel.

Step 11: Crankshaft Pieces

This is double layer, but you only need a single rod for the second layer. You don't need these exact wheels for a counterweight, but you do need a counterweight.

Step 12: Adding the Crankshaft

Just 8 connections.

Step 13: Motor Part

A small addition to the scaffold which holds the motor.

Step 14: Adding the Motor Piece

Just 8 connections (depends what counts as a connection).

Step 15: Extra Counterweight

Because you can never have enough counterweights.

Step 16: Entrance Track Mechanism

There must be gold connectors.

Step 17:

Just 2 connections.

Step 18: Entrance Track Floor

Make this 'white floor' with a gap in it to align with the entrance track. Don't forget the 4 pieces above.

Step 19: Adding the Entrance Floor

Use the extra pieces in the previous step to attach the white floor. Also use the Y-clips.

Step 20: Finished!

You're finished! If you plan on increasing your floor, causing momentum, add the pieces in the second 2 pictures to slow them.

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