Introduction: K'nex Bike

A simple bike made out of K'nex. It would have been a larger, two-speed model, but I couldn't get a hold of any of those larger yellow gears. I also don't have enough bendy rods, so this bike is made with 100% old school pieces. It has an adjustable seat and handlebars.

Step 1: Gather Materials

- 5 White
- 36 Yellow
- 45 Orange
- 16 Green
- 4 Red
- 4 Light Grey
- 16 Grey

End Connectors
- 16 Brown

- 4 Black
- 9 Grey
- 27 Red
- 2 Yellow
- 4 Blue
- 65 Green

- 2 Red Gears
- 12 Blue Spacers
- 26 Black Chain Link
- 1 small rubber band

Motors and Wheels
- 2 Small Tires

Step 2: Wheels 'n Things

Build the wheels, support struts and supporting components. The wheel shown is the front wheel. The back wheel is different, so build the wheel without the supports for the back one. The wheels are a tad weak, but you can substitute yellow bendy rods in place of the orange connectors to form the curve.

Step 3: Front Portion

Keep on building!

Step 4: Gears 'n Things

Build the gears 'n things. The brakes are nonfunctional for now, but I'm planning a two-speed model once I can get some yellow gears. If you can get the brakes working, please post a picture!
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