Introduction: Knex Tavor TAR-21 Instructable

I have rebuilt, and styled to look like a famas with much better range. See my video.

Ture trigger
Bolt action
ranges: acurate up to 5 feet =(

if you have any problems contact me

Step 1: Middle Section

sorry for confusing steps

Step 2: Rear Half and Internals (part 1)

Read the yellows
you need some E-tape

continued next step

Step 3: Rear Half and Internals Part 2

still need e-tape

Step 4: Front Half

Step 5: Trigger

Step 6: Mag


Step 7: Rubber Banding and Firing

firing steps
1 pull back bolt handle
2 let spring forward
3 pull trigger

inserting mag
1 load mag and lock pusher
2 insert into gun
3 remove lock
4 fire