Introduction: Knex Bass Guitar (Harp)

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This is a tunable bass guitar - that I am going to add to Knex band.

You can actually get a tune out of it and it sounds much like a bass (However i am not a bass player so i wouldn't know well).

I managed to get 'Smoke on the water' out of it and it sounded pretty realistic, however all the videos i took on it do not sound like it does in real life - you can't really tell much difference between this and a drum kit in them.

It has four strings, and although being a bass it looks nothing like a real one - so maybe i should call it a harp.

Step 1: The Small Pieces


1) frames
2) tuning edge
3) base edge

Oh, and get a box the size of a PS3 box.

Step 2: The Base Plate

This would be the fretboard on a normal guitar.

1) make
2) make the extra bits
3) add the extra bits on to no.1 - the holes go on the whites. Attach the grey cons to the end whites to allow flexibility.

Step 3: Attaching Them Together

1) Well, that was easy.
2) Attach the base holder thing to the leftern most part.
3) Attach the tuning holder thing to the rightern most part.
4) Get some of these for the next step (Yep, they need to be broken)

Step 4: Strings

1) Do this kind of knot (it is quite simple) and do it to the other end to.

2) Attach to the base, holder.

3) Attach to the other end (the pic is a close up of all four when tuned.

Do not tune it now!

Step 5: Box and Tuning

Get your PS3 box, then measure it out along the width.

The tuning end should be at the top.

1) When you have found the right areas, make a hole and stick the extra parts from the first thing we made.

2) Heres the other side

3) Add this little stabilizer if you want (It is very simple)

4) Tune, i can not really give you the sound, because it is too quiet for my camera's video to hear, and to play different songs you need to re-tune it anyway.

If you need to add extra notes, use a blue rod to 'pinch' the string, and pick either side of it.