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I knit this tank top without using an official pattern, estimating how many stitches to cast on and winging it along the way. I lifted a few steps from other patterns (a dishcloth pattern was my inspiration for the front), and I wrote what I did each step along the way, so if you want to make a knit tank just like this, follow these steps! 

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Step 1: Choose Your Yarn & Needles

I used Bernat Satin Solids in "ebony" for this knit piece (yarn pictured is the same, but in pink).

Although knitting this tank does not demand the use of circular knitting needles, I prefer them, so that's what I used. I used metal circular needs in size US 8 (5.0 mm), despite the yarn recommendation of a US 6.

Step 2: Front of Tank

This knit tank was knit in two main pieces (front and back) and then sewn together. It was not knit in the round.

Start with the front piece (top), and cast on 4 stitches. Using a simple garter stitch, knit one stitch, followed by a yarn over, then knit every stitch until the end of the row, and repeat this back and forth until you have 30 stitches on your needle, then snip your yarn leaving enough of a tail to weave in.

Cast on another 4 stitches and repeat the process until you have another 30 stitches on your needle, for a total of 60 stitches.

Knit from one side to the other (continuing normally), but when you get to the end of one knit piece, start picking up the other 30 stitches for a total of 60 continual stitches on the needles.

Knit back and forth (still simple garter stitch), until it's long enough to your liking. 

In other words....:

-CO 4 (used 16” circular needle, but this isn’t a project that needs to be knit in the round)
-K1 YO K to end of row & repeat back and forth until 30 sts on needle, snip yarn leaving enough of a tail to weave in
-Keep yarn on needle & CO another 4
-K1 YO K to end of row until another 30 sts on needle for a total of 60 sts on needle
-Knit from one side picking up the other 30 sts for 60 sts total and knit back and forth until long enough

Step 3: Back of Tank

For the back of the tank, cast on 60 stitches and garter stitch back and forth until it's long enough for your liking.

-CO 60
-Knit every stitch back and forth until it’s long enough to match the front

Step 4: Finishing Details


-Stitch up the sides and straps based on personal fit
-Weave in the ends

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