Introduction: Kobe Bryant Memorial Lamp

Memorial lamps are made to express sadness and gratitude towards a specific person. I made a memorial lamp for Kobe Bryant who was one of the most inspiring and incredible basketball players of all time. He recently passed away and I made a memorial lamp in honor of his death. I had around a week at school to create this lamp for my TED Foundations class.


1) Foam Core

2) Ruler

3) Exacto Knife

4) Paint/ Paintbrush

5) Pencil

6) Vinyl

7) LED Light

Step 1: Sketching Ideas

Think of ideas and designs that you may want to make into a lamp. First, draw your thought out designs in little detail. Then, you can expand in detail and see which product you like the best. After sketching all pick the product you like the best.

Step 2: Final Sketch

Make a final sketch of your final product on paper. Make the dimensions of your box and use fidelity. Use a pencil first in case mistakes are made.

Step 3: Making the Box

To start your lamp fabrication, you will want to start by making a box with one of the sides left open. Remember to keep your sides even in measurement and to be precise.

Step 4: Adding Creativity and Detail

After you finish creating the box you are going to want to add detail and creativity. Add paint or vinyl and make it look neat. You can also use markers instead of paint if that is your preference.

Step 5: Add a Light

The last part of making the lamp is adding the light. You can put the light wherever you would like. This is the end of the fabrication process.