Introduction: Kraken Jr. IoT App Tutorial Part 1 - Email Registration and Activation

Kraken Jr IoT is the simplest of IoT implementation on the Web.

by Using Arduino Uno + Ethernet Shield you will be able to remote control any electrical devices anywhere in just a few minutes of configurations.


  1. Android Mobile (OS Version = Minimum 7.0)
  2. Email Address (Gmail preferably)

Step 1: Search for KJR App @ Google Play Store

  • Open your Google Play Store
  • Search for phrases such as "KRAKEN JR. IOT" or "MARCIUS PROXIMA LUNARIS"

Step 2: KJR Installation

  • Tap Install
  • This will download and Install the KJR Application

Step 3: First Time Running the KJR

Once the Installation completed

  • Tap Open - To continue with the registration

Step 4: First Time KJR Registration (1)

  1. Tap the Eye Icon of the Email to show the hidden value
  2. and Tap the Save Settings so you would not need to re-type again your credential the next time you reboot your app

Step 5: First Time KJR Registration (2)

Change the with your working email address

Step 6: First Time KJR Registration (3)


Please Note! When registering you can Ignore the Pass Code field

Step 7: Account Not Found

After tapping the Login button, a warning message will display "Account Not Found"

  • To continue with the registration just Tap Register

Step 8: Activation Link Sent

After tapping Register, another message will display "Activation Link Sent"

This means that you will need check your email inbox.

Kraken Jr. App has sent you an email with the link that will verify and activate your new account.

So go ahead and check your email now!

Please Note! The email may arrive immediately or may get delayed and wait few minutes more or sometimes an hour depending on email type. and also check your spam folder.

Step 9: Email Activation Link

The when you received Activation Email. you are now only two steps away to complete the registration.

  • Take note of the Pass Code in the email - as you will be needing this when you go back to the app and Login

The whole registration process will be completed when you receive the message "Successfully Activated" after Tapping the Activate Button or the equivalent link in the Email.

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