Introduction: Kylo Ren Lightsaber String Art

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Are you a Star Wars nerd? Even if you're not, you know what Kylo Ren Solo's lightsaber looks like. It's an awesome lightsaber with two wicked hand guards jutting out from the side. I loved the new Star Wars (ep. 7) and decided to pay tribute to Kylo Ren's awesome weapon with a string art creation. Here's how you can make one:

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Step 1: Materials Needed

1. Wooden board, approximately 6*7 inches.
2. Tiny nails (any picture hanging nails will work)
3. Template (see step 2)
4. Red and black embroidery thread
Let's go!

Step 2: Template

Download the template here:

Print it out and place it on your board. Do not glue it down.

Step 3: Place the Nails

Place the nails around the template. On curvy places, place the nails closers together, but on straighter places, you can place them farther apart. Make sure there is never more than 10mm in between.

Step 4: Take Off the Template

Soak the paper in the sink and carefully peel it away from the nails.

Step 5: String It Up!

Tie the thread around the first nail. Following the pattern in the picture (or making up your own!) string the embroidery thread around the nails and cut off extra.

Step 6: Finished

Enjoy your work!

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