Introduction: L1 Light

The L1 is a light fixture that combines 3d printed louvres with high-grade hardware. It takes inspiration from the functionalist, Mid-Century designs of Louis Poulsen ....

Steps :

1. 3D Model and Print Louvre Element

2. Wire Socket and Assemble Cap

3. Assemble Shade

4. Finish and Install Bulb

Materials :

3D Printed Louvre

Threaded Rod

Unthreaded Spacer

Hex Nut

Cap Nut

Lamp Wire


Socket Cap



All designs remain the intellectual property of Joseph Koon / Furniture Research Office

Step 1: 3D Model and Print Louvre Element

The first step in any digital fabrication design process is to precisely record the idea and measurements into a 3D modeling program. This light fixture was modeled in Rhinoceros. Special attention was paid to the size and location of hardware and how the socket would fit into the overall assembly.

Design your shade to produce the quality of light and sculptural form that is desired.

Next, the component was 3D printed in PLA plastic. It took several iterations to get the sizing of the holes to fit the hardware.

Step 2: Wire Socket and Assemble Cap

The next step is to wire your socket and prepare it for the overall assembly.

First, the lamp wire must be electrically connected to both the cap and the plug (see youtube for more detailed information) . Place the socket cover over the socket before tightening it. Test the wiring by placing a bulb in the socket and turning it on.

You can also purchase pre-assembled 'cord kits'.

Step 3: Assemble Shade

The shade is then assembled by combining the 3D printed louvre elements with the unthreaded rod, spacers, hex nut, and cap nut.

Thread the rod through the hole. Make sure that each of the printed holes is sized large enough to easily threaded the rod. A spacer is placed on the rod after being threaded through. The size of your spacer will determine the amount of light allowed between the shade. Repeat and continue this process for each of the three rods and finish the assemble with the cap nut.

Step 4: Finish and Install Bulb

To finish the assembly, slot the bulb socket / cap component into the pre-fitted ring in the printed louvre. Extra holes have been designed in this ring to screw the top louvre into the chrome socket cap. The bulb should then be installed into the socket.

Plug it in and enjoy.