Introduction: LCD Display Board Using Linkit ONE and Bluetooth


In this instructable you will learn about interfacing LCD with Linkit ONE and how to control the same with Bluetooth

Step 1: Components Required

  1. Linkit ONE Board
  2. Arduino UNO
  3. 16*2 LCD with LCD shield
  4. Bluetooth antenna(found along with Linkit ONE)
  5. SmartPhone
  6. wires

Step 2: Connections

  1. connect Linkit ONE Arduino


  2. Insert 16*2 lcd in Arduino using arduino lcd driver
  3. connect Bluetooth antenna to Linkit ONE

Step 3: Coding

Arduino code

In Arduino IDE select board to Arduino UNO and port to Arduino comport

click the below link to download arduino code

arduino as lcd shield

Linkit ONE code

In Arduino IDE select board to Linkit ONE and port to Linkit one debug port

click the below link to download Linkit ONE code

bluetooth display

Download and install the Bluetooth App fron the below link

bluetooth app

In your smart phone open setting-->Bluetooth-->turn on---> search for new devices-->Bharath(select your device name)

Open the bluetooth terminal app and select---> connect to device and select the paired device name.

Type anything on the bluetooth serial monitor provided in the app,it will be Displayed in the LCD..

thus Big display board can be installed in shops and can be easily updated using smart phone..!!!!!

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