Introduction: LED Band

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I was really scared of the dark. But then I came to understand, dark just means the absence of photons in the visible wavelength — 400 to 700 nanometers. Then I thought, well, it’s really silly to be afraid of a lack of photons. Then I wasn’t afraid of the dark anymore after that.
As it turns out, there is a good reason to be scared of lack of photons. Photons are light.
They bounce off objects and into your eyes, and that helps you make out what’s in front of you. Lack of them can be dangerous, especially if you’re in some new, unfamiliar place, where anything may come out at you, at any moment.
That's why I am interested in micro light source circuits


+Micro LEDs -2(de soldered from mobile display.
+Li-ion button size batteries -2.
+ Push to on switch-1.
+Plastic sheet with 2.5mm thickness.
+Enamel coated copper wire.
+Soldering iron.
+Soldering led.
+Soldering flux.

Step 1: Plastic Band

Cut the band as per the measurements of your hand.
I just take my friend hand measurent as 17 cm long and i cut the thickness of 1.2cm.
And molt it to the circular shape by applying heat by means of using soldering rod by placing it near to the plastic sheet which is taken with measurements.

Step 2: Circuit

It a basic circuit of switch on /off led circuit.
But the difference is in size and arrangement,which arranged in a particular manner to avoid the complexity in it.
Coming to the circuit
it is a parallel LEDs connection
Which positive ends of the LEDs are connect to one end of the push to on switch.
And the negative side of the LEDs connected to the batteries negative side(-)
Then a wire have to be added between switch to the positive(+) side of the battery then it will be closed circuit and
Place the circuit on the plastic sheet which is molted as a band .
Then apply adhesive on the non conducting parts and LEDs and to the batteries .
Note : i have connected a general battery for testing purposes.
The band is ready to wear.