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The main reason for this instructable is for the adjustment in the light intensity in the dark and lighted areas.
the common problem for my friends Srk and gaajar who are wearing glasses for sight, that the light is not sufficient for the reading. In this instructable we are going to prepare a glass frame which have to switch on/off the LEDs depending upon the light intensity.


Equipments and Supplies:
1. Glass frame
2. Soldering rod ,Flux and Lead
3. Synthetic gum
4. Micro LEDs
5. Enamel copper wire obstructed from small transformer winding
6. Copper clad
7. Transistor 2N2222(NPN)
8. LDR (Light dependent resistor)
9. resistor (100k ohm)
10. Ferric chloride
11. Battery (3.7V) Li - Ion

Step 1: Collecting of Micro LEDs :

1. First of all take a old mobile display and find the LEDs strip which is located at the down side of the display.
2. remove the LEDs separately and solder the terminals to the LEDs.
3. And apply synthetic gum at both terminals of the LED.

Step 2: Circuit Designing:

1.Sketch the circuit using permanent marker as per the circuit diagram.
2. Now apply synthetic gum on the sketched path of the copper clad.
3. And let it dry for one hour (1hour).
4. And place the copper clad into the ferric chloride solution.
5. Then keep it for some time until the unwanted copper dissolved into the ferric chloride solution.
6.Apply the flux to the remaining copper on the clad.
7.Solder the components as per the circuit diagram.
8.Then add the micro LED to the circuit.
9.repeat this steps for the second side circuit for the other side.

Step 3: Assembling:

1. Then add the circuits to the both sides of the glass frame.
2. Connect the battery to the circuits in parallel.
3. Then check the glasses in the presence of light and dark areas.

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