Introduction: LED Birthday Cake Candle That You Can Blow Out

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I am going to show you how to make a birthday candle that uses an LED but you can still be blown out.

Inspired by electronic_plumber An LED You Can Blow Out and code.

Step 1: Supplies.

supplies you will need

1: Arduino uno

2: LED

3: Straw

4: USB type A cable

5: Resistor

6: Breakaway header pins

7: Screwdriver.

Step 2: LED and Resistor

solder it just like the images above.

Break of 1 header pin and brake of another 2 header pins.

Solder the black wire to the first header pin.

Solder the other end of the black wire to the negative side of LED.

Now solder the resistor to the right side of your two header pins

solder the red wire to the left side of your two header pins join the resistor to the red wire.

For further description

Step 3: Connect Your LED to ARDUINO

Connect your LED Arduino just like the image above.

Connect negative side of LED to Arduino pin GND.

Connect positive side of LED to pin A0.

Connect resistor header pin to A1 pin of your Arduino.

Step 4: Building the Candle

Cut the straw the length you want your birthday cake candle to be.

Now with a screwdriver push the LED threw the bottom side of the

straw so that it is 95% of the LED is sticking out of the straw.

Now push the straw and LED threw the bottom side of your cake so that

your wires stick out the bottom of your cake and lead to your Arduino.

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