Introduction: Emulate NES Games on Your N64 With Download

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Don't we all just wish that we could just play are NES game on are

N64 but its not like we can just stick are NES cartridges in are N64

cartridge slot sadly it just doesn't work like that.

But there is away to emulate NES games on your N64 using a

EVER DRIVE 64 or a ED64P witch is what I will be using

What is an you ask? an Ever drive 64 or a ED64P it a cartridge that can

play all of your favorite N64 games.

The Ever drive company that also makes other drives

for the other old system like the NES, GBA and also SNES.

That's enough about the Ever drive so all you really have to do is

download some NES rom's of the the web so that you can play NES games on

your N64.

Step 1: Step 1.

Take the SD card out of your ever drive or ED64P

on mine the SD card is located on bottom left corner.

Step 2: Step 2.

You will need a SD card reader

I bought mine my from Walmart for $15.00

Now put your SD card in your SD card reader

and plug it into your computer.

Step 3: Step 3.

Go on your computer and search in your browser

Emulator.Games is web site that you can get free video game

rom's from Atari to PS1 games.

Now you will want to click on the rom's link in top

left corner of the website.

Once you have done that there will be a list

of different rom's for different systems click on

the one that says Nintendo.

Now another list of rom's will popup these ones will

be NES rom's so now just click the game you want to download

in this case Metriod game now click the white download link

and your download will start in ten seconds it should download

pretty fast because the game is only like 131 KB's.

Step 4: Step 4.

Open up your Finder and click on downloads

now drag your NES rom to your SD card it should show

up in your finder under devices and now you can drop you rom

and it will just copy it to the SD card and you can put the SD card back

in the ever drive and play the game on your N64.

If you do that then the N64 games and your NES games will be all mixed up

and you wont be abel to tell N64 and NES game apart.

So I just simply made a separate folder for NES games.

Step 5: If That Didn't Work

If that didn't work then you don't have a NES Ever drive emulator witch

you can get on the online at the ever drive web site under

downloads there will be a file that says emu.nes just download the file.

I also uploaded the NES emulator for the Ever Drive 64

along with a Super Mario Bros game to test if the emulator works.

Step 6: Now Enjoy.

Now enjoy play all of your favorite NES games on you N64.

Sadly i have not figured out how to emulate any other older systems

like SNES or GBA. If you have any ideas pleas tell me.