Introduction: LED Circuit Board Table

About: I like Making computer art. I see beauty in junk. Where others see a sewing table I see a charging station. People saw old motherboards, I made a Led lamp. I like creating. Hope you enjoy my creations

This is a LED lighted reclaimed sewing table. I decided I saw the beauty in this piece of furniture and knew I could do something special with it. I used a Circuit board in the top cause my house is circuit board themed. I got this table from an auction for $2. I got the circuit boards from the salvage yard for about $1. I made this pretty cheap. Just need a good imagination for this if you wanna make one. I am using this table as a charging station for cell phones and tablets

Step 1: Tools and Items

1: Led lighting $8

2: Circuit board (free just salvage from old electronics)

3: Glue gun, adhesive or screws

4: 12v power adapter

If you're a cord guy, you have a pill of them laying around

If not there about $6-$10 on Amazon

5: Screwdriver, this was specific to me to take off top and front

6: Table, get creative. Really this is your taste but I will instruct as the sewing table

7: Scraps of wood

8: Scraps of foam or wood. I had scraps of foam I like to use


9: Misc parts for decor

Total cost for me was under $20 I used all stuff from around the house

Step 2: Test It

Get ideas and play around with it. Try to get an idea of what you want.

I made the mount inside that I wanted. That can be made for sure. I tested the lights on various objects inside

trying to find the right configuration for what I wanted.

Step 3: Remove Things You Don't Want on It

I took off the front door and top. Very easy, just use a screw driver and removed them.

Step 4: Sand and Fill

Determined by what you are doing with your table. I was gonna stain this one, but my wood putty dried up so I used spackle instead. So sand the table. Fill the holes and get ready to paint.

Step 5: Paint It

I didn't have alot of pics on mine for this step, but again based on your ideas for what you are doing

Step 6: Lets Mount the Lights

in this pic, you can see the inside of the table. I took 2 table legs off some old chairs and wrapped the LED strip around them. I would suggest that you do a wrap around to get an even light coming from everywhere and the front hole that I have. If you go around the outside edges just doesn't have a very good lighting effect. Don't be afraid to play around with it to get what you want. If you have an awesome idea, send me some pics. I am sure I could have done more with this, but I kind of had a creative block on this and budget around Christmas, So I use what I can

Step 7: Put a Bottom On

I have alot of Blue Insulation foam left over from my masks, If you follow my other instructables. So you will see I use that. You don't have to, but I used it for the bottom. I cut to fit and hot glued it in place. I only used a little. I would suggest maybe using aluminum foil on the bottom of the inside to maximize the light. Mine does not have it (yet)

Step 8: Make Sure You Have Front Hole Covered

This step is out of place but I used an old ethernet card for the front hole. Make sure to clean off the stuff you don't want on it. Don't forget the stickers on back of I did lol

Step 9: Add Some Flare If You Want

Can't see to awful well but I put some plumber caps painted black to cover the groves of the top. I made them look like capacitors. Then I added some chips to the top of the table

Step 10: Plug It In

I use it as a night light in the hallway for my kids. That way its multi-functional. Charging table during day, Night light in hallway at night, making my friends and neighbors jealous all the time :)

Really your imagination is the limit, I saw the beauty in this table at an auction and found a cost efficient lighting project. The lights I had left over from my lamp and I used scraps for everything. My Cost.....$2

I wanna see yours, send me some pics and have fun !

Step 11: Additional Ideas

I use this as a charging desk for phones and tablets

I eventually will put glass over the top and make it a desk

I am thinking of adding a small bottom to to hold a small tower or there is enough room inside just to make the table a case.You could creat a small back plate and make it a bookshelf with decor. Bottom line, this table is a good base, but you can make into alot more. Your imagination is the limit.

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