Introduction: The One Chip LED Cube

Hello Fellow Instructables,
If you ever Wanted to make Your own Cube, But Found The Instructions To be a bit Hard To Follow?

Well  This is For You.

The Cube Comes as a Kit From KIPKAY Kits.  You Could Buy it, or Become a Member and Each Month You will get a New Kit.

It is Very  Easy To follow the Instructions And The Video.

Well Here its Mine, 4x4 L E D  Cube.
The Ship Comes Already Programmed With The Code . 
The  Hard part is Making All the Connections  ..As long As you Take your time And Double Check All You Will be Pleasantly Surprised.

For Details On this Build,, Please Check The web Site.
Hope You Like it as Much as i did.  
My Second LED Cube its the Blue one...  Will be making a   8x8x8  Cube Next.

Hey   Hey Go and Make Something And Have fun.