Introduction: LED Light Pen Adapter, Red & White LED. I Made in at TechShop

          Many times, we wish we could continue to take notes during a presentation.  But when the lights are turned off during a slide projector presentation, our note taking get interrupted. 

           Keep this pocket size adapter in your wallet or pocket for instant light.  Use red LED to reduce glare an annoyance to others while taking notes.  Use the white LED as flash light or for reading.

Design Consideration:
            With knowledge and experience learned from previous TechShop projects, I decided to make this cool LED item with Acrylic, Corel Draw and Epilog Laser cutter.  I intend to make this item out of scrap acrylic material.   I will make them in layer.  1st laser is 1/8" acrylic, 2nd layer and 3rd layer (TBD), 1/4" acrylic.    Hole A in Pen Hole.  Hole B1 & B2 are 3mm LED holes,  Hole C is button battery cell hole (2x thickness).  We will need 2 of these to make 3v.  The reason to use this is due to abundance and relative low cost of these popular hearing aid cells.   An optional Clamp could be added to keep tension to prevent adapter from slipping down.
              Same part could be made in Maker Bot but the simplicity of this item made it quickly to produce a working prototype.

           I am getting kudos from the masters at the TechShop.   Within a short span in time, I have learned so much under the guidance of TechShop Dream Consultants and masters craftsmen..  The Laser Cutter and Edging is most popular and mostly used by master craftsmen here at TechShop.