Introduction: LED Paper Cube

Hi folks! This tutorial will be about how to make a paper cube with LED light in it. It will be a family activity, especially families with kids in elementary schools. Let's get on it!


A piece of square paper

1x CR2032 Battery

1x LED light

Copper tape

1x Marker/pen

Some regular Tape

Step 1: Step 1: Fold Diagnotically

Fold the Paper diagnostically to make it into a triangle.

Then, unfold it.

Step 2: Step 2: Fold the Paper Into Rectangles

Fold the paper in half.

Then unfold it.

Turn it 90 degrees to the right, and the fold it in half again.

Step 3: Step 3

Fold the bottom half of the paper to the middle crease.

Then, turn the paper 90 degrees to the left, and fold the bottom half to the middle crease.

After that, turn the paper 90 degrees to the left again, and fold the bottom half to the middle crease.

Turn the paper to the left for the last time and fold it to the middle crease.

Step 4: Step 4

Fold the bottom left corner into the middle.

Now flip the paper over and unfold the corner that we have just folded.

Step 5: Step 5

Now, fold the entire paper to the middle so that it becomes a triangle.

Then, unfold the paper entirely.

Draw a little square at the top. We will use this square later.

Step 6: Step 6

Flip the paper over, then fold the bottom one-third of paper to the center of the square that we just drew.

Unfold it, then turn to the left and fold to the same position again for three times.

Now, we have made four additional creases.

Lastly, unfold the paper and turn the square toward you.

Step 7: Step 7: We Start Making the Shape of the Cube!

Grab the crease at the center of the square and fold it to the right. Now, you can see only half of the square.

Now grab the end of the corner so that both layers of the paper attach together.

Step 8: Step 8

This is a crucial step: rotate the paper to the left so that double-edge is towards you. You should be facing the back of the square we drew.

Open the double-edge and you will the inner edge that looks like a triangle. Fold the inner edge downwardly and close the edge. Now, you only have one edge.

Step 9: Step 9

Now, rotate the paper to the exact opposite side. The side that we have just folded should point to the ground.

Grab the corner that has a crease through the middle and fold it.

Step 10: Step 10

Rorate to the exact opposite side and you will see another that has a crease through the middle. Fold it to the inside and hold everything you just folded in place.

Now, the paper has turned into a cube with three "flaps". Rorate the cube so that the three flaps are facing you.

Step 11: Step 11

Under each flap there is an empty "pocket". Stick each flap into the pocket that they are pointing at.

Bingo! Here is our paper cube!

Now, use a marker to mark any side that you want to install your led light on.

Step 12: Step 12

It's time to make our light.

The led light has two legs, one short and one long. The short leg is the negative pole, and the long leg is the positive pole.

On the battery, the side that has many letters is the positive pole (it also has a "+" on it) and the other side is negative pole.

Clamp the led light onto the battery and it will light up. We are going to use copper tapes to keep the led and battery in place. Note that copper tape on one side cannot touch the other side, or otherwise the led will not light up.

Step 13: Step 14

Unfold the cube and stick the battery to the side that was marked with some regular tape.

Lastly, make the cube again. This time it will be a cube with light!

Step 14: Some Ideas About What to Do

There are various things you can do with the cube.

1. Add more lights in the cube to make it brighter.

2. Paint some pictures on the cube.

3. Make three or more such cubes and play juggling with two hands!